Turned 22 Today and Reached 5000 hits!

My blog is all about useful tech stuff and non self centered posts. Since today is a personal holiday, I’m not going to write about myself (neither planning to in the future) but I am not going to stress about a smart useful SEO friendly topic.

Thanks everyone! Even if you are reading this tag-less post randomly. You certainly have attributed to my blog’s ego  number of hits.

Please please please do the activity (if there are any available) on the right side of your screen. Each point we make is a spoon of food for an abused cat/dog. I really love animals and I cannot imagine a life not having pets.

Nature is cruel but we don’t have to be.

– Temple Grandin, advocate for humane treatment of animals

I’ll just post a photo of my bicycle which I love for sunny afternoon rides back home. Although I really want an Omafiet, it is a Mountain Bike.

yes it is missing a pedal 🙂

Let’s talk about the future now…

I’ve mentioned in my other post that I have moved out and am now living in another city, 40 minutes by plane.

Since homesickness is already about to get me, I will write about a place I love back in Bacolod every week. Good thing I have a lot of photos saved in my computer!

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