Another Iconic Amy Winehouse wallpaper for Blackberry Curve 8520

As some of you may have remembered, I made a BB Curve wallpaper of Amy Winehouse which can be found here. ā™«

[update 9/29/2011: I tried the wallpaper on my blackberry and decided to enlarge Amy]

I never had the time to work on the other one as life got even busier after that post was, well, posted. šŸ™‚ The PSD file is still sitting in my laptop and I might work on it when I have time this weekend.


So enjoy the new one! I’ll be retouching it,Ā  should I find more time.

P.S. please link back if you want to use the image for your site šŸ™‚ merci! ā™„

P.P.S. The reason why I’ve been making them is because there aren’t really much online. ā™„

old version:

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