Writing jobs on twitter?

As some of you may know, I left my home based job two weeks ago for an office based position which still requires my stalking research skills.

writing jobs here!

Sitting in front of Mozilla Firefox 8 hours per day, I stumbled upon the website DoNanza which is an aggregate of several freelancing sites like Freelancer.com, Odesk.com, Elancer.com etc.

Now if you guys are avoiding Jobstreet.com (which I wouldn’t understand as 75% of my employers hired me through it), you should definitely check out Donanza.com

How it works:

Donanza gathers job postings from these freelancing sites and posts them on their own (but they do specify which site from) for easy reference whether you’re a web developer/designer, graphics designer, writer or a data entry specialist!

Basically, Donanza compiles available jobs in one site for you so you don’t have to keep tabs open on your browser while you’re waiting for kingdom come.

Make sure you sign up in each freelancing sites I mentioned above (and more) because Donanza does not post jobs from just one site.

Writing jobs on twitter!

Home based jobs with the help of Twitter

The trick is to follow Donanza’s several accounts on Twitter. Each account posts different blog types (e.g. if you’re looking for writing jobs, follow @DnzWriting). Another wise way to use Twitter? Sure

I’ve spent a week sitting in front of @DnzWebDesign (twitter account posting home based jobs for web designers) and @DnzGraphiDesign (it really is “Graphi!”) and these accounts are updated every hour.

Not all the jobs are new the moment they are posted though, so expect bids ahead of you šŸ™‚


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