Love my LG A190 DUAL SIM phone

The LG A190 is a basic phone with a DUAL SIM capability.

If you are looking for a mobile phone with a very good battery capacity and not about apps and all that, this phone is just it.

The LG A190 has a 950 mAh battery which keeps your phone away from its charger for at least two days. You can make lots of calls and send lots of text messages without worrying about a low battery (which I get a lot with my Blackberry)

What I personally like about this phone aside from it’s massive battery and DUAL SIM capability is that it’s very responsive. I type in text messages without delays.

The phone has Dual Stand-by and has good signal.

The Torch and the Wireless FM Radio are both nice finishing touches to this basic phone, too making it look like a utility than an accessory.

This phone does not have any Internet browsing capacity. It doesn’t also have USB  (only for charging), Bluetooth nor Infrared connection.

For a basic phone, it’s slightly up in the cost compared to Nokia’s 1280 (at 998 php) which does not have a coloured screen neither dual sim capability.

Nokia 1280
Nokia x1-01 

But compared to Nokia’s cheapest DUAL SIM phone which is the X1-01 (at approx 1900php), the LG A190 is cheaper at 1490php.

Compare Nokia x1-01’s features with the LG A190’s through these links:

LG A190

The only downside of this phone (which can actually be ignored) is that you cannot set a custom wallpaper. If you know how to do so, please tell me how 😀

It does not have a camera, which helps it savepower for more calls and texts! The phone memory is only good for memos, contacts and SMS.

I recommend this phone if you want a low cost basic phone with an awesome battery and would only use it for calling and sending text messages. I also recommend this phone to those people travelling due to its battery life and its simple appearance (making it unattractive to muggers ;D )

P.S. LG is known for their very durable mobile phones.

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