Heads Up: A Personal Review on Skullcandy, WESC and Zumreed head phones

Skullcandy GI Rasta, Zumreed Border, Wesc Bongos

Last week, I went to TriNoma which I don’t do often because obviously I live in Bacolod City. All WeSC headphones had big discounts at REPUBL1C. Too bad the skullies were all pulled out.

Skullcandy is an American brand, WeSC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy) a Swedish brand and Zumreed is Japanese.

I have a pair from each brand so I will compare all 3 of them based on Comfort, Sound, Durability, Style and Price ($_$) .

The Contenders:
Skullcandy GI Rasta
WeSC Bongos
Zumreed ZHP-005 Border headphones

Note: I will refer to Skullcandy as SC in the entire post, savvy?

Chill Factor: Comfort
SC‘s GI Rasta has cushions which feel nice to the ears and they rotate to suit your ears’ angles. But after an hour of using it, my ears hurt due to it’s band being very hard (made of hard plastic) and less stretchy. Not to mention it’s a bit heavy too. Skullcrushers? Yes.

Skullcandy GI Rasta
it adjusts to the angle of your ears...almost 🙂

The WeSC headphones are heaven for long time use. They are so light and the bands are flexible enough to fit around your head. Not to mention they hardly slip off.

The Zumreeds are very soft around the ears. The headphones aren’t that light weight compared to WeSC but less heavier than the SCs. It also has the tendency to squeeze my ears in which hurt just like the SCs.

Zumreed Border Headphones

WeSC wins Comfy!

Golden Voice: Sound

SC’s GI Rasta’s noise canceling is passable but the bass is not very good or solid. The volume level is good though and it has an attached volume switcher should you decide the music is way to loud.

WeSC Bongos  sound canceling is very good that I can only hear murmurs from people talking in front of me. The bass is not very solid (although better than Skullcandy’s) but the overall sound is decent, not shattered.

Zumreed wins sound. Why? The noise canceling and the bass are both very good. The sound volume is well amplified and concentrated that it does not struggle that much when competing with outside noise.

Iron Fist: Durability

This might sound a bit biased. But I only had my GI Rasta for less than a year and it’s band already broke. It’s made of pure hard plastic which is not good material for different head sizes as they don’t stretch as much as metals do.

When the band broke, I noticed that both ear pieces are connected by thin copperwires, bare naked copperwires which broke along with the band.

Skullcandy gets a boo for Durability for me.

I only had my WeSC for less than a week now..ha ha! I really cannot tell at this point how durable it would be but the cable is a bit thicker compared to Skullcandy’s. I like the metal around the band which stretches around your head instead of breaking.

If the band breaks, they could still be working as the copper wires are protected/coated by a cable running from one ear piece to the other.

WeSC Bongos

My Zumreeds, on the other hand, have been with me for 6 months now. So far, the head phones are sturdy and there are no signs of breaking or cracks especially around the band, despite the material being hard plastic. The speakers are attached to the metal part of the band though.

Zumreed Border Headphones

What I like about this pair is that each ear piece have separate wires connecting it to the main wire, unlike the SC and the WeSC. If the band breaks, the ear pieces would not be affected.

Zumreed wins this round!


Beauty contest?

This round is very subjective.

We all know Skullcandy is very famous for one thing: Design. Skullcandy has all the sizes, colours and prints you’d like for a pair of headphones, you’d almost feel like a pair has been especially customized for you.

The GI Rasta is no exception. It is so pretty yet so edgy and bold that it really screams, “I’m RASTA!” It looks very flashy that I never, in it’s whole existence, wore it in public.

The Zumreeds designs are OK, the only choice you really have is in colours. They’re really just basic Japanese head phones. They actually look kinda nice when worn in public places, but it is not the kind of headphones you’d want to flaunt. I see a lot of fakes around, and there isn’t really much difference on the appearance.

And I am biased on the WeSC Bongos. The only thing I don’t like about the bongos are the wires…they’re white so,  expect them to be yellow anytime soon. The brand also has edgy designs, but they’re not flashy enough for you to be scared to wear them in public. Good enough fashion statements, I must say.

skullcandy, wesc, zumreed

They have really nice colours and shapes. My sister has the golden blue Oboe and it looks DIVINE. Two words: simple and edgy.

For me, WeSC wins STYLE for keeping it edgy and low profile at the same time. If I were my 16 year old self, though, I would definitely choose the skullies.



I got my GI Rasta for Php 3500, Wesc for Php 3495 (less 50% ;D ) and the Zumreeds at Php 2800.

WeSC is generally a bit expensive compared to the other two brands. Even according to this review here, WeSC’s price range is slightly above Skullcandy but all three of them meet at some point.

So who wins the battle?

3rd place – GI Rasta

2nd place – Border

1st Place – Bongos!

Why the Bongos? Because they are so comfy and the bass is good. (I know, very biased) I mean, look at the last image above. Which would you rather wear while out in the streets? 🙂

To help you decide here are the SPECS for each head phone:

I hope you enjoy reading my very insightful yet biased review on these three brands 🙂

If you think I might have gotten something wrong in this article or you simply want to say “hi!” please don’t hesitate to comment below! You don’t need a WordPress account for that! Thank you! 🙂


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