New banner up!

Finally done with the new banner! The banner is inspired by the 1920s..Flappers and Art Deco galore!

More on Art Deco here:

As you may have noticed, I’ve also replaced the bicyclette image at the right side with a woman’s photo to compliment my new banner.

That woman is no other than Louise Brooks / Lulu! She’s one of the famous silent film actresses back in the 1920s. She’s one of my favourite flappers and 1920s icons aside from Clara Bow and Kiki. (More about Louise Brooks here:

I had to decide between Clara and Lulu for my sidebar when I saw that picture of Lulu.

But that’s okay, Clara. I got a spot for you right here:

Clara Bow
Clara Bow

image from

I hope you like my rather blanc et noir banner! I am currently in the process of writing a new article for this week so keep visiting!

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