I am writing this post to somehow acknowledge the fact that it has been a year since I and my CVG team mates went to Don Salvador Benedicto to do whatever after our 11pm – 7am shift, ergo NO SLEEP. When we arrived there, we just decided to check out the falls instead.

chilling at the bottom of Malatan-og Falls

This post will also serve as a guide to those planning to see the falls very soon so that you may enjoy the whole experience minus the “glitches” we went through.

My team mates and I waiting for the bus to leave for DSB

A Little Background on the Municipality

The municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto is situated at the mid-center of the hinterland of the entire North of the Province of Negros Occidental.  It is 47 kilometers from the Provincial Capitol. DSB has a population of 22790  as of 2007. Most of the locals speak Cebuano while some speak Ilonggo. [ source ]

Getting to the Falls

From BCD to DSB

From Bacolod, you can drive your own vehicle to Don Salvador Benedicto which will take 45 minutes, or ride a bus (Ceres!) which will take around an hour.

Malatan-og Falls is located at Brgy. Kumaliskis. If you take the bus, you can just tell the “konduktor” to drop you off by the “Talan awan” or the falls.

The Way Down

This is the part that is no joke. When you get to the “Talan awan”, you can have a local guide you on your way down to the falls.


Funny thing is when we asked them how long it will take to reach the falls, they told us it would only take around 30 minutes. It took us 2 hours because we weren’t prepared and we wore the wrong gear.

The way down is a cliff! That little girl in orange is our guide ^^ There are no railings or anything to hold on to and we can see a good view of what’s below 😐

What to wear and What to bring with you 

1. Hiking shoes

The way down is too slippery we were forced to go barefoot. I strongly suggest these!

2. Backpack

You would need both your hands to hold on to things while moving down so you better not be troubled by your bag. Leave it on your back!

3. Gatorade and Crackers

You will be very thirsty after all the moving down plus the heat of the sun. I suggest you bring Gatorade instead of water since it only takes less Gatorade to help you survive compared to the amount of water you would need. Thus, less weight to carry on you backpack.

4. No jeans please

Or at least wear shorts so you can move properly.

5. A “Hiking Stick”

That would help you from falling off the cliff.

and if you have long hair, tie it back.

Us approaching the falls
AK and I…very tired…
At the bottom of the waterfall

It’s quite cold when you finally reach the falls. But it’s very beautiful and very serene.

We only stayed for around 15 minutes though because we had so much delay on the way down and we had to catch the bus back to BCD by 4:30.

We passed by a “shortcut” on way back up. It was even worse but we were able to go back up quickly. I cannot elaborate on how bad the way back up was. We were preoccupied by the thought of survival. The absence of photos should be enough proof we weren’t thinking of anything else.

Waiting for our bus at the highway

They told us the last bus that passes by DSB to BCD was at 4:30pm. We were able to catch it!

The whole trip was fun, but I admit it was dangerous not having some sleep and Gatorade!

photos by Shiela Pagdato and Sally Paypon

4 thoughts on “Malatan-og Falls Don Salvador Benedicto Adventure

    1. yes it is. locals say that most tourist do so as well, since there’s no where you can stay when you’re down the falls. thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

    1. Hi! I am not sure at present, but most locals are willing to guide you down. You can check the viewing bay if there are guides available.

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