Best Blueberry Cheesecake in Bacolod ( Calea )

Negros has always been famous for its sugar industry. As someone who grew up in Bacolod, I would pass by at least 2 sugar cane fields on my way home.

Because of the abundance of sugar in Negros, it would be impossible for Bacolod not to have a single decent dessert shop.

Calea is just one of the many local dessert shops (okay, not that many…) showcasing Negros’ abundance in sugar.

yummy cakes! East Block Branch

They have three locations in Bacolod; East Block,Robinson’s Place Bacolod and Lacson Street (Lourdes C. Center).

Calea may have a lot of cake flavours to choose from but in my opinion, they make the best blueberry cheesecakes in Bacolod!

Chocolate and Blueberry cheesecake (photo by Carlz Elmstherson)

Their Blueberry cheesecake is just so divine, it has granola for its base instead of the usual crushed grahams.

coffee maker!

Oh, they serve coffee too! I like the kiwi shake though, which I think is not available in their East block branch.

p.s. this is not a sponsored post 🙂


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