Friendster: How to manually download your photos

Back in the ol’ days, downloading individual photos only required right-clicking on the photo itself and clicking save picture as.

It has also been announced that Friendster will be deleting all photos to make way for their new website in a few days.

There is a quick option to transfer all your photos from Friendster to a different site.

BUT, If you are like me who cares NOT about all those FS photos and would just like to save the “chosen ones”, and you haven’t visited FS for long therefore you don’t know how to download photos from your account anymore, this post is for YOU.

Step 1. Open the photo you wish to download.

behold thy photo!

If you right click on the photo, you might notice that it will give you a “save as…” option. DO NOT click that. Instead of downloading the photo, it will download a .html file.


Step 2. Click the link (chain) icon at the bottom right corner of your photo. I have encircled it and pointed a green arrow at it so you don’t get lost. 😀

link icon encircled in RED

after you click the link icon, this will show up:

you will see additional information at the bottom of your photo

which leads us to …

Step 3. RIGHT- CLICK the link beside “Photo URL” and click “Save link as…”

Photo URL link inside red box

Now you are saving a .jpeg file (which is your Photo).

P.S. If you wish to save all your 500 gazillion photos, at the top of your Friendster page, go to Fun-> Apps -> Scroll down and look for “Friendster Exporter” then click “Add to Profile”.

would you want me to write about Friendster Exporter? Comment!


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