tadaa! my banner screams liverspread!

I just thought my old banner was cute and quaint but it didn’t have that spice I needed for my blog’s whole look.

This afternoon, I went to the bookstore while waiting for my friends (we were going to watch THOR!) and I saw this book that was slapping me with the title “ART DECO”.

Sur La Digue by Jean Bernier*

Before I saw it, I was fascinated with the coloured lithographs in a book I bought called “Cat Alphabet”.

And when I scanned through the pages, I saw LOVE. Lots of lithographs to my heart’s desire!!!

One that caught my attention was the one called “Sur La Digue

So just a few hours ago I decided to update my blog banner. Something that might look like a cross between a poster and a liver spread can label.


tadaa! I finally found a place to showcase my 20s girl sketch!

image source: http://www.vandaprints.com/image/139154/sur-la-digue-by-jean-bernier


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