High School Tribute recovered Paraphernalia

A few weeks ago, I was looking for an old notebook where I can scribble things into like poetry, lyrics, sketches, even graffiti.

Then I came across a notebook from the PAST. …Nah. Just high school.

I’m not really the type who wants to go back to High School, or misses it at all. I just thought it would be interesting to share this:


This is the queue for our High School Tribute. (Year 2006)

My group of friends weren’t exactly the popular uber talented stage people (except for Jazine and Bianca) so we settled for technicals.  We had to wear black the whole time and it was quite a bit too warm that night.

PS Sorry for the not very adequate handwriting. Apparently, my penmanship these days are worse, considering I am a comsci major. no notes. handouts and codes only.


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