Livesquare Shenanigans: Personalizing Your “Livecon”

LG users!!!

I used to wonder why my icon is just the green girl with the long hair when I can change my friends’ icons into something else.

My LG Cookie Wifi KM555e

Did they ever provide instructions on how to personalize your own livecon? I’m not really sure because I am one of the many users who are guilty of jumping into the product whilst throwing the manual away…

I found out about personalizing the “Me” livecon purely by accident. I was basically holding on to my phone without locking the screen.

An Example of a Lonely Livesquare...hahaha

this is the default display of a livesquare. it would look like this if there are no text or calls. it will display your livecon labeled “me” (“moi” in this case)

To change the “me” icon/ livecon, do a long press on the “me” icon until this screen shows up:


Scroll through the sides to choose which design you want to set for yourself. Clicking the brush icon will change the colour of the icon that is currently chosen/highlighted.

And that’s it! You have customized your self icon!


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