cancelling a facebook friend request

Cancelling Friend Requests in Facebook used to be tedious back in the days. So here are the two different methods of cancelling friend requests.

Check out how it has changed with the blessing of the new profile 😀

btw writing “facebook” instead of “Facebook” is wrong according to this spell checker

Short method (NEW):

  • Go to that person’s profile.
  • scroll down until you see “Cancel Friend Request” on the left bottom side of that person’s profile.
  • after you click the link, it will grey out and would say “friend request cancelled”

Long Method (OLD):

  • go to account > privacy settings
  • under block lists, click edit your lists
  • type in the name of the user and click “block this user”
  • wait for the list to load
  • once you see the user whom you’ve sent the friend request to, click the “block” button beside his/her name
  • you will now see that person’s name under your list. simply click “unblock” so you may be able to see that person’s profile.
  • you will see this:

You are about to remove ____________ from your Block List.

Once removed from your Block List, _____________ may be able
to view your Profile and contact you, depending on your privacy settings. It
won’t be possible to add this person back to your Block List for 48

Are you sure you want to remove ___________ from your Block
List? (click “confirm”)

  • note that the “Add as Friend” button is active again when you check that user’s profile


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