Work at Home Diary

I’ve been with the company for 4 months already! Yey me!

And this is how my desk looks like:

My Desk

These are the things that I usually have on my desk while working. Obviously my computer (Compaq CQ 35) and a mouse. I don’t use a mouse pad anymore. And it really looks like I need a newer, and comfier mouse as well.

I have my phone and an alarm clock which is way ahead of my computer time šŸ˜›

I also have a notepad and a pencil to tally the number of items I have processed.

My boss reprimanded me because I had too few items processed last month. So I have decided to step my game up.

One of the thing I realized is that when I keep too much attention on the time and less on my work, it’s actually very stressful in a way that it is also unproductive.

When I dedicate my attention to my work and less on the time, I actually do a lot and I panic less about the time. So that’s my new work habit now!

And one thing I noticed is that my mood while working is better when I meet my friends on weekends instead of staying at home playing computer games and nothing else. So my advice is get the F out of your house if you don’t have work. It helps relieve stress by distracting you with other things. And abstain from your computer.

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