Looklet.com: The Ultimate Stylista website

Don’t know what to wear? Ever wonder how your garments might look like if put together? Like playing paper dolls? That’s what Looklet.com is here for!

mais non!

Looklet.com is a fashion website where the main feature is to let the user mix and match fashion pieces from skirts, vest, jewelry, hosieries, underwear (even models!) with over 1000 designer pieces to choose from in their database!

I came across looklet.com last year while browsing around facebook. I didn’t know I’d be hooked to it.

Aside from mix and match, they also have designer competitions which let the user join by using the feature piece in a look. Whoever wins, gets the piece! For real!

What’s good is they update their items all the time so you don’t have to worry about using the same piece in every look. They provide the piece, now you only need your imagination!

You can also browse other users’ looks. So it is also like an online community for “stylists”.  Other users can also like and comment on your saved looks, they can even follow you and like your page.

some of my looks. clicking the thumbnail will bring you to the looklet page 😀

Now, if ever you haven’t joined the site yet, please sign up! You may also follow me so we can be friends there! My username is bébérocker 😀

One thing I would like for Looklet.com to have in the future would be an option to choose the models make up. Now that would be rad.

3 thoughts on “Looklet.com: The Ultimate Stylista website

  1. GLAMSTORM virtual stylist says:


    we are a new virtual styling site – GLAMSTORM.COM – with a growing community and exciting new features coming up: own body measurements, the option to upload own face pic and try on hairstyles and makeups.

    Looking forward to seeing you at our site!

    We are also on facebook.com/GLAMSTORM – you can share us with your friends 🙂

    love, your GLAMSTORM team

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