Bacolaodiat 2011 – 2nd Night Photos

Lighted up rabbit display along the street
2011 is the year of the metal rabbit

The (6th) Bacolaodiat Festival was celebrated last February 3-5. Bacolaodiat is a celebration held during the Chinese New Year here in Bacolod City to strengthen the tie between the Chinoy and the Pinoy community in the city.

The street was roofed with Chinese Lanterns.

The display of lights was rather astounding. Really gives one the party vibes as soon as you enter the tourism strip.

Lion Dance inside Chow King

We were ordering chinese take outs in Chow King (ha ha!) when there came the Lion Dance. The kid danced very well that I took a video (that I won’t be posting).

A pair of models wearing traditional Chinese garments.
Another pair of models posing in traditional Chinese garments

I’m not really sure but I recall these costumes being displayed in one of SM Bacolod’s bridges. In these pictures, they are being exhibited by live models in the middle of the street. These models must not move a single muscle.

Band playing on stage from the Manila Beer tour.


A wall of lanterns.
Fireworks lit up the sky at around 930.

One of the best events was this grand fireworks display (which is pictured poorly in here). I can recall it lasted for around 5 minutes or longer.

I was not able to see Parokya ni Edgar and Rico Blanco because I had to go home early. I still enjoyed Friday night though. I didn’t know Bacolaodiat was as fun as Masskara. Good Vibes all the way.

How was your Bacolaodiat experience this year? Comment below 😀


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