setting your blackberry browser to work over wifi

I’m not sure but I think the Blackberry browser is initially set to work over your network. But here’s how to make it work over wifi.

This works for a 5.0 OS for Blackberry curve 8520

  • Open your browser. If you don’t know how it looks like, it’s the one that looks like a globe with the yellow arrow.
  • Push the Blackberry button on your phone, then select Options among the menu items.
  • Open Browser Configuration
  • You will see a drop down menu at the top right corner where there is a label “Browser”. Click the dropdown and choose “Hotspot Browser”
  • click the back button, then choose “save”
  • You may try and reboot the browser and your phone.

So there you go! Now your browser will only work over wifi and won’t eat your load.

BTW, the quickest way to reboot your BB without taking out the battery is by pressing alt+del+right shift.

If you’ve got any questions, post it on the comment box below this post 😀


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