things you need to know before getting a blackberry in the philippines

Are you a student? New grad? Young professional? First time blackberry user? Cool.

Before you get a blackberry though, I would share some points that relate to the above categories.

I am not a blackberry expert. I am a new user as well and I am actually using my phone in this post.

My Blackberry Curve 8520 in deep silver

And to be more specific, this post is meant for the young filipino users.

I am using a blackberry curve 8520. It’s not a bad phone for a starter. It’s pretty good and cheap actually. The only downsides are the battery life which run out after I use apps, and the no flash cam.
I am not actually bothered by these since I don’t use flash that much and I have a way around the battery life which I will share.

what’s so cool with this phone

  • Blogging is so easy, and so is sending emails
  • It looks very professional
  • The apps and support is vast you’ll never run out of options
  • The trackpad is so cool

what you need to know

  • if you want one because you want to use twitter or facebook for blackberry, you need a dataplan for that.
  • although after subscribing to a smart dataplan for one day, I was able to use twitter for blackberry over wifi. Tweaked settings
  • bluetooth won’t work without a dataplan either. It ate up my load.
  • there are apps that work over wifi which is posted in this website here.

the battery problem
Just turn off the wireless and the mobile networking options and it will help your battery last for a bit long.

For the data plan, globe and smart both have unlimited plans. I’ve tried the one day unli plan for 50 pesos. It doesn’t cover browsing though. Globe almost have the same rate for plans. I am referring to prepaid. Postpaid may have a different rate altogether.

Here are the rates (prepaid only):

Smart subscribers

Globe subscribers

You can also set you browser to hotspot browser so it won’t eat up your load. Ill make a post about it tomorrow.

If you have any questions just put it in the comments below.

Have a nice Friday everyone.

btw wordpress works over wifi

5 thoughts on “things you need to know before getting a blackberry in the philippines

  1. nutmeg says:

    Hi! do you have any idea why i cannot send sms to my contacts? i mean i can send to some but how come i cannot sent to others? by the way my service provider is globe and the ones i’m sending sms is also a globe user.

    this means a lot to me.. THANK YOU!

    1. Cee says:

      hi! thank you for visiting my blog!

      does that happen while you are sending to the same contacts? are you using the native SMS? (I’m using SMS crunch)

      the only suggestion I could give is for you to check your security settings > firewall…let me know if this works 🙂

    1. Cee says:

      donna! i’m not sure about your network but you will need a blackberry data subscription. I no longer have a blackberry but be careful with data. You can turn it off and just switch to wifi if you’re not using it.

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