Work at Home for starters

Before you choose to stay navigate away from this post, this is not a post promising to give you $100 per month by working at home.

Rather, I will share some things about working from home.

I am currently working home-based for an Australian company and I must say, it’s a really interesting one. I can’t say the company name since it is confidential. But I do a lot of research.

Where I found my job

I used to be a call centre agent. But my immune system couldn’t keep up with the constant change of sched so I resigned.

I looked around for a job that I may apply my webdesign skills: home-based or freelance.

So I found the current one that I have. I am very lucky to get hired. I was interviewed over skype, and they also gave me exams. I am with them for almost 3 months now without the thought of quitting. (I get bored easily with routine)

It doesn’t hurt to create a account, so go for it.

Payment Method

Just like most of you, I was also hesitant to work at home because they would usually need to have your bank account number so that they can transfer your pay into it.

So what do you do? Simple. Open a new account.

I opened up a BPI Express account since they only need 500php for your initial deposit, and they will give you around 3 months before they apply the 3k Minimum Daily Balance. The more convenient part is that they are open from Thursdays to Mondays. Yes! This bank is open on weekends! And you can set up your account with the tellers for only around 20 minutes, with your ATM card ready.

Here in Bacolod I know four branches. BPI express Teller Robinson’s Bacolod, Centroplex Mall, Lopue’s East Centre, and Gaisano City Mall.

Work Sched

This actually varies. Mine requires full time but only during weekdays. I am so free on weekends. And I don’t work at night.

My sister also works home-based with a different company and they get to choose their sched depending on what is available in their database.


What I like about home-based jobs is that they are not discriminating. All you need is a computer, steady Internet connection, webcam (sometimes), and good Internet skills.

I’ll be sharing more about working at home in the future. If you’ve got questions, type it in the comments box. I’d be more than glad to answer them in any way I can.


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