My StrawberryNET Purchase!

Photo 06-06-2016, 12 26 04 PM
the shining package freshly picked up from the post office!

I admit I love the convenience of online shopping, especially since I work from home and there’s less chance for a trip to the store – even if I live in the center of the city!

Usually, I buy my cleansers from my dermatologist. Since I moved to Cebu however, I am no longer able to do that. It took me some time to find products that are not too harsh yet effective, until I stumbled upon Mario Badescu.

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Mew – Satellites

After 6 years! I am so glad Mew is back with a new album. This single was only released last two weeks ago, and the video two days ago.

I’ve been listening to this band since I was in high school (they were featured on MTV Asia). Since then, I feel like each song they’ve written was done on my behalf. I could not say nor write my dreams and feelings as beautifully as these Danes do.

“Satellites” sounds like homecoming. It sounds like the old Mew I’ve always liked listening to; dreamy, energetic, epic. It does sound new and more experienced, and I hope the whole album follows suit!

This is not the end.

I am taking an indefinite hiatus from law school. For those who did not know – yes I was cracking my already soft skull, reading cases in the past five months…and that's only for the meager three subjects my time allows me to take up.

Truth is, I have not even seen my grades yet, so this is not about failing. This is about seizing opportunities, and right now I value my job next to the people I love. There are some who might tell me I should go back to school early since time waits for no one. Whilst that may be true, I can assure everyone that my time is pretty much used up wisely, and I only get two days a week off to chill out and read for leisure.

I apologize to those people who've had their hopes up for me. I understand I am disappointing right now, and it appears my return is suspended on air. It may not be next school year (sry mum) or the one after that. But I promise I'll return with more willingness and more strength…I want to start strong next time – not some bored ass quarter life crisis individual who's in a hurry to accomplish a lot, all at the same time. (Provided i finish my book review, research paper and also passed at least one of my three subjects)

Law school (as any other) is no joke. I'm proud to say that I entered it not only with the desire to practice but above everything, the desire to learn it. And this is where my self disappointment is rooted from. In the mean time, I'll find something else to be busy with outside work. It may or may not be related to law school. I might even read Javellana vs Exec. secretary word for word.

Ill see you again soon, JD/LLB.


Thing is..

I can’t stop writing.

Before work today, I dropped by the spa for a massage since my back and arms were sore. During the whole session, to keep my head off work and school, I came up with a plot for a graphic novel…or maybe just a novel.

At sixteen, I stopped writing fiction. I was so absorbed with the world I was creating and barely went out of my room. I consumed notebooks (I was too hardcore to type) believing what I thought of was worth reading.

It’s been more than a month since my last post – I’ve been serving two masters at the same time. I’m starting to feel like I went back to school at the wrong time, right at the core of quarter-life crisis. I love what I’m studying right now, I’m just not ace at managing my time well.

Anyhow, I have a couple of things to write about and I hope I get to write during my traveling week.

Pride Month and The Sims

Rainbow Sims
Rainbow Sims

I’ve been playing The Sims ever since it was first released, back when the relationships among your “family members” cannot be predetermined and will only be set once you have started playing. Babies could only grow into children and that’s that.

I can talk how awesome the first in the series was, and how it feels like the developers are improving the game play away from the direction most players want. Only in a different post.

I’m all about this photo of sims representing the flag for Pride Month posted in the official Sims Facebook Page, and also in anticipation for the release of Sims 4. I really appreciate the diversity in the relationships presented: straight couple, gay couples, mixed raced couples- it’s so well thought out. Kudos EA 🙂


Hotel Celéste – Tres Belle :)

view from floor length window. skype with girlfriend.
view from floor length window.
HUGE bed

This hotel is so damn pretty. I don’t have a lot of photos, because I was pretty much in love with my room and the contents of my minibar which I did not refuse to consume. Hotel Celeste is just a small hotel behind New World Makati and across Raffles, but do let the four story underdog catch your attention. Despite it’s size, the hotel still feels luxurious and surprisingly personal. You gotta admire the consistency in their theme from the staff costume, interiors and elevator music. It’s a block away from Greenbelt if you’re after shopping and eating out. Website: disclaimer: i’m not affiliated with the hotel, just stayed there for a few nights. cheers.