Graphic Designer? Join the Philippine Logo Design Awards 2013

Are you a graphic designer waiting for your big break? Need extra cash over summer? Are you someone passionate about design, but never really acknowledged yourself as a “designer”?

It’s time to make things official by joining the recently launched Philippine Logo Design Awards at


DesignCrowd is an online marketplace where businesses can post projects and different designers can join by sending in designs.

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Mid-February Game Of Thrones Season 3 Trailer

Not that I ran out of things to write about, I just couldn’t find the time to write since I usually get out of work only with enough energy to wash my face. :P

Anyway, obviously I am excited for the next season of Game of Thrones, even if it is only mid February. It’s in March, but March 31 can still be considered April.

Ripping DVDs with HandBrake (quick review)

When your laptop has a DVD drive that can read your movies, why bother ripping these? You might say, “you can simply buy it off iTunes”  but not all good movies are available in that store.

handbrake logoRipping DVD movies have always been a mystery to me, as much as ripping CD albums are almost “2nd nature”. So I did some research and found this free software called “Handbrake” that you can download from here.

According to a short note in their web site banner, “[handbrake is] an open source multiplatform video transcoder.”

Since it is a transcoder, it does not only function as  jack the a DVD ripper.

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Musical Treat for Bacolod!


Oh hell yes, finally. this week! The band announced this weeks ago and since I am a fan, I am very excited. I consider them one of the few OPM artists worth listening to. I really want to go but I have work Friday nights so we’ll see. But for those who do not have commitments, you should watch! Experience

Happy New Year! For my first review post this year, I will write about my experience with, an online shopping site.



Lazada is owned by Berlin based company Rocket Internet, and is also present is Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Zalora ph is also their sister site. Click here for more info

The order process is pretty easy. The good thing about it is that you will certainly know whether the item you wish to purchase is available or not.

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2012 round up

This made me realize I barely do round ups. 2012 has been a really geat year for my blog. In 2011, my blog had almost 10k hits, but this year my blog has reached 35k. (I'm not sure sure how many belonged to me…hehe)

Judging from the stats, I am ready to move forward and upgrade! And while I've used up enough paper in drafting my plans for this blog for 2013, I hope my regular and irregular readers have a Happy New Year!

PS: I have at least 5 pending blog post since I started using my iPad mini!

Saizen now open in Bacolod

Everything at P88! A-ny-thing!


My sister lived on Saizen when she was in Manila, that is because everything is so cheap (everything was at P85) and kawaii!

Saizen by Daiso Japan is finally open in Robinson’s Bacolod today. It’s a store selling Japanese products from fans to chop sticks and everything else sugoi!

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